Test Flying

I have been fortunate to have been involved in Permit test flights within the framework of LAA( exPFA) system and having attended their first TP course I have been part of the team to permit a scale Mustang with an upgraded car engine and the ongoing spin trials of the Europa Motorglider. I still continue to do the initial test flying of Homebuilt aircraft. I have also been a nominated Test Pilot in Germany on rebuilt Russian Yak 3 and 9 fighters (which have marvellous performance and handling qualities!)


This year I have been involved with these types:

pedal powered plane Human Powered/Pedal Powered Aircraft EA12
europa motorglider Europa Motorglider

Titan Mustang

ben chester

Ben Chester Master's Titan Mustang (photo by Keith Wilson)
acro duster Dave Frazer's Acro Duster II